Steps To Obtain a Travel Request Clearance from the Student Medical Benefit

1. You need to request access for a DMBA account. 

      How to request access to a DMBA account :

       a) Please email Cora Seui-Sika at with the folloiwng information:

           Full Legal Name


           Sundent ID#

        b) wait to get a response from Cora with  your login ID and temporary password

        c) Login  to and change the temporary password to your own.

            Notice: The temporary password will expire in 7 days. Please change the temporary password the  moment you are able to login .  

2. As soon as you  have access to your DMBA account,  you can send an email to Beth Martin at to set up an appointment. Bring your Travel request approval form with all your medical receipts as proof that you are all cleared and free from financial obligations from all medical facilities that you had medical services from like hospital services, Physician, Specialist, x-rays, laboratory, emergency room etc.

3. lf you cannot provide the medical receipts, you need to be ready with proof that you are cleared from  any oustatnding financial obligations from medical facilities like Dr. Offices, , hospitals, diagnostic laboratory, etc. as of the current date. This will facilitate obtaining a clearance/signature from the Student Medical Benefit office.