Medical Excuse Policy

The BYUHawaii Health Center supports and follows the attached policy regarding excused student absences. This addresses all instances that may cause a student to miss scheduled academy obligations or work and reads as follows:

Students must sometimes miss work, examinations or other academic obligations affecting their grades because of illness, personal crisis, mandated court appearances, and the like. As long as such absences are not excessive, it is hoped that your employer or instructor will provide and document reasonable accommodation.

The employer or instructor may require the student to submit a written explanation of the absence, but written excuses from health care personnel should not be required, since these requests frequently put health care providers in untenable positions. It is recommended that the instructor explain the procedure for excused absences early in the semester, preferably in a written syllabus distributed to all students in each class. Once announced, these procedures should be scrupulously followed unless extraordinary circumstances require an exception.

Students who attempt to gain advantage through abuse of this policy (e.g. by providing an instructor with false information) may be referred to the Standards Office for disciplinary action. If you feel you have unusual circumstances that would require additional documentation from our staff, please schedule an appointment with your treating health care provider to discuss your concerns.