Student Medical Benefit Notice

Student Medical Benefit Cards:

A copy of your Student Medical Benefit card may be obtained through the local DMBA office. Please contact Anita Olszowka at Aloha Center Room 137 or Cora Seui-Sika.


REMINDER TO ALL GRADUATING STUDENTS (and anyone transferring or discontinuing from BYU-Hawaii):
If you are enrolled in the school's Student medical benefit; please come to the Student Medical Benefit office located at Aloha Center Room 102, to terminate your participation in the university's Student Medical Benefit.

Please check the  Student Medical health handbook  online for more information .



As of January 1, 2014, BYU-Hawaii will no longer offer the Extended Medical Benefit.

If you are a domestic student and want to seek other options; you may want to visit this website: to check your eligibility for their program.

If you have any questions, you may call:

Anita Olszowka – 675-3972
Laurie Abregano – 675-3487
Beth Martin - 675-3512