Student Medical Benefit



The purpose of the Health Center and the Student Medical Benefit is to provide medical support while enrolled full time at the University.  This program is designed to assist students in staying healthy so they can attend class and complete their education in a timely manner.  The Student Medical Benefit is not an insurance policy and does not provide comprehensive coverage for all health problems.

To keep this plan affordable all students using the Student Medical Benefit must first go to the Health Center for their medical care.  If the Health Center cannot take care of your problem, they will refer you to the appropriate specialist and authorize your visit.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in a financial penalty for any unauthorized charges incurred.

Some domestic students (or their parents) may already have insurance that is accepted in Hawaii and would prefer to use that plan.  Students are encouraged to use that plan if they wish.  However, to do so, the student must provide the insurance card of the plan to the Student Benefit Office at the time of their original enrollment to the University.   By doing so, this will allow that plan to pay first and the Student Medical Benefit may then supplement your coverage if eligible.  You must also present your insurance information to the provider that is seeing you to properly bill your plan for their services.  Failure to follow this procedure will not allow your other coverage to pay in the primary position and may limit your coverage.

Please help us keep this Student Medical Benefit affordable by following the simple process the University has in place.

The BYU Hawaii Student Medical Benefit:

All students registered with 12 credits including one face-to-face on campus class  per semester are automatically enrolled in the BYU-Hawaii Student Medical Benefit with no additional charge.

International students are required to add all their dependent(s) to the BYU-H student medical plan. If you drop below the full-time credits required without an approved reduced load, you and your dependents are automatically terminated from the student medical benefit. Please click here to choose a 3rd party insurance coverage for you and your family.

Domestic students may add their dependent(s) to the BYU-Hawaii student medical plan. If you drop below the full-time credits required, you and your dependent(s) are automatically terminated from the student medical benefit and will not be eligible to enroll in the student medical benefit until the following open enrollment in Fall semester. If you are not going to be a student in any semester; you need to advise the Student Medical Benefit office so that your family plan can be terminated and charges will not be posted in your account.

To enroll dependent(s) to the BYU-Hawaii Student Medical Benefit, come to the Student Medical Benefit office located at Aloha Center Room 102 to complete the enrollment form.

Student Medical Benefit Dependent rates are as follows:

Plan Type Semester
Dependent of Single Student $150
Dependent of Married Student $500

We hope that your educational experience at BYU–Hawaii will be a safe and enjoyable one. If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at or call us at (808) 675-3512.

For more information click here to view the Student Medical Benefit handbook.