BYU – Hawaii Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Two-thirds of all illness and half of premature deaths are the result of lifestyle behaviors.
In point of fact, You are the person most responsible for Your health!

Recently, BYU–Hawaii called a church service missionary to coordinate health and wellness initiatives and messaging to students, faculty, and staff. In the past, some health promotion efforts have been aimed at faculty and staff through the human resources department and Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators.

Additionally, some fitness wellness courses are offered through adult continuing education. The medical department and counseling services have sought to meet the health needs of primarily the students, while those students taking classes in the exercise and physical education department have had the opportunity to study health & wellness. Also, the peacekeeping major has mindfulness and stress management components in some of their class offerings. The hope is to coordinate and offer health and wellness activities to encourage their adoption by the entire community of students, faculty, and staff and thereby hopefully foster lifelong personal health behaviors that will improve the quality and the lifespan of every one.