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The Brigham Young University–Hawaii Health Center is centrally located and provides medical care to all students, their dependents, and DMBA Managed Care participants who have identified the University doctor as their primary care provider. Staffing includes a board certified family practice physician, a physician assistant, registered nurses, medical assistants and a full front office staff.  Most health conditions can be treated at the Health Center, and specialty care is referred out to a network of specialists.

Effective September 1, 2017, the Health Center will be charging a service fee for missed appointments and appointments not cancelled at least 2 hours prior to the appointment. The fee will be $10 for those with the DMBA student plan and $15 for those with the DMBA employee plan. Please contact the Health Center at (808)675-3510 if you have any questions.

The Health Center welcomes Dr. Royden Christensen as our newest staff member!  To read more about Dr. Christensen and the history he shares with Hawaii and BYU-Hawaii, click here.  

 Dr. Christensen

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Health Services #1728, Building 5
55-220 Kulanui Street
Laie, HI 96762-1294
Phone: (808) 675-3510
Fax: (808) 675-3506
Billing: (808) 675-3937
Refill Line: (808) 293-3938
After-hour Medical Advice: (808) 675-3911
(*Please email comments and general questions only. Confidentiality laws prohibit exchange of personal medical information via email.  Please telephone the Health Center at (808) 675-3510 if you need medical advice or a timely response.)