Patient Bill of Rights

  1. All patients can expect to be treated with respect and consideration, and Health Center personnel expect the same treatment of each patient.
  2. Patients can expect confidentiality from each staff member.

  3. Patients will be limited to students and their dependents and those enrolled under DMBA Managed Care who has designated our doctor as their primary care physician (PCP), except in an emergency.

  4. Patients will be seen by appointment only, except in an emergency.

  5. Patients may expect to be seen within one hour of their scheduled appointment or you may reschedule your appointment.

  6. Emergencies will be seen immediately, urgent care appointments can expect to be scheduled that day, routine appointments within one week, and physicals within one month.

  7. Patients more than 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule their appointments.

  8. Patients may be asked to see the nurse for assessment of colds and flu before seeing the physician.

  9. Every attempt will be made to return phone calls promptly, at least within the same working day.

  10. Medical advice personnel will respond to after-hour calls by phone within a reasonable time frame, usually 15 minutes, unless the call is identified as an emergency.

  11. A co-payment will be charged for EACH patient seen by the physician or physician assistant.

  12. Payments of fees, medications, etc. are requested at the time of visit.

  13. Students are expected to pay all amounts due by the end of each semester in order to register for the next semester.

  14. Patients who fail to comply with the Health Center and Student Health Plan parameters may be removed from the practice.